Which of the following would most quickly allow you to determine whether the Google Analytics code snippet is working on a specific website?

  • Annotations
  • secondary dimensions
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Real-Time


Explanation: With Real-Time, you can immediately and continuously monitor the effects that new campaigns and site changes have on your traffic. Here are a few of the ways you might use Real-Time:

  • monitor whether new and changed content on your site is being viewed
  • understand usage of your mobile app through event tracking
  • see whether a one-day promotion is driving traffic to your site or app, and which pages these users are viewing
  • monitor the immediate effects on traffic from a blog/social network post or tweet
  • verify that the tracking code is working on your site or app
  • monitor goal completions as you test changes to your site


Read more here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1638635?hl=en

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