Tom wants to promote his windshield repair company’s emergency service by reaching people right when they’re searching for help. Which campaign type is a good fit?

  • “Search Network with Display Select”
  • “Shopping”
  • “Search Network only”
  • “Display Network only”

Correct answer is:

  • “Search Network only”

Explanation: Search Network campaigns are usually focused on getting people to take action such as clicking your ad or calling your business. These campaigns show ads to people who are actively seeking out information. When someone is intentionally seeking out a product or service like yours, they’re much more likely to find your ad helpful, and click it.
A Search Network campaign may be a good option for you if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You want your ads to appear near Google search results
  • You only want to reach customers searching for your specific product or service

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