You’re running a campaign for a shoe company and notice that the sales trends show many customers are adding shoes to their shopping cart, but not buying them. How can you bring those customers back to actually buy the shoes?

  • Send an email blast to all of your newsletter subscribers
  • Launch a new marketing video
  • Launch a new search campaign
  • Create a remarketing list segment for shopping cart abandoners

Explanation: A remarketing list is a collection of website visitors or app users gathered by snippets of code added to your site or app. When you create a list, you set rules for when visitors or users should be added to the list. Visitors are added to a remarketing list within seconds after visiting a page with either the global site tag or with both the global site tag and a remarketing event snippet. Rules are conditions that must be met in order for a visitor or user to be added to a remarketing list. You can use rules to create remarketing lists beyond the default lists that AdWords creates for you.

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