Jackie is an advertiser who wants to reach people by using both remarketing and Product Listing Ads. What’s the best targeting strategy for her?

  • Create one ad group targeted to both remarketing and Shopping
  • Create separate remarketing and Shopping campaigns
  • Create a combined remarketing and Shopping campaign
  • Create two ad groups: one targeted to remarketing and the other to Shopping

Explanation: This comes under the best practice of campaign structuring.

Organize your campaigns and ad groups as you create them. Reorganizing your account after you’ve created several campaigns and ad groups wipes out all the valuable data you’ve accumulated, possibly affecting how your ads perform.
When you need to use a different set of campaigns settings (ex: budget or location targeting), create a separate campaign. For instance, if you sell clothing, you may want to set a budget for shirts and a different budget for pants. In this case, you should create a campaign for shirts, and another campaign for pants.

Read more herehttps://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6372655

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